Passport and ID pictures for 39.90 CHF

Do you need a new and professional passport photo for your driver’s license, your ID, your public transport subscription or for a visa?

As a certified photography company with a passport photo studio directly in the center of Basel, Bern, Luzern and Zurich, we take biometric passport pictures as well as pictures for visas, according to the current national and international guidelines. Appointments for baby passport photos can also be booked with us.

In our Passport Picture Studio in Zurich you will receive your finished biometric passport pictures a few minutes after the shooting, directly at your appointment. In Bern, Luzern and Basel the printed pictures will be sent to you via A-Post, so that you will receive them within 1 business day. We look forward to welcoming you in our Photostudios for Passport Pictures in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and Basel.

Passport Pictures for adults and children

Your passport has expired, a new driver’s license is due or you don’t have a new photo for your e-card yet? Then it’s high time you paid us a visit.

With us, you can get your passport photos for any document quickly and inexpensively – and above all, in studio quality. Directly after the photo is taken, you can select your favorite picture on the computer screen.

You can also take biometric passport photos without a long wait. Your satisfaction is close to our heart, that’s why we bring great attention to compliance with the according standards, so that your photos will be accepted by the respective authorities!

Suitable for:

Passport photos are not only suitable for driver’s licenses or passports, but also for student ID cards or on an application for a visa.

Since for each passport photo some criteria are to be considered, we offer you the guarantee that these regulations are respected by our photographers and your passport photo will be accepted the respective authorities! Should the passport photo be declared invalid we offer you a hundred percent money back guarantee.

Baby and Children Passport Pictures

So that nothing stands in the way of an optimal vacation with your children, we of course also offer baby and toddler passport photos for passports for the very youngest. With a lot of tact and sensitivity, our trained team will put your baby in the right light and together they will create biometric passport photos that meet all the guidelines without much effort. The only important thing is that the baby is awake, before you bring it to the shooting, since open eyes are mandatory in the passport photo!

Find out more on our website today. We look forward to welcoming you or your children to our store – your photographer for your wishes!

FAQ Passbilder

What size must a Swiss passport picture be?


Pictures for a Swiss passport or ID must have a size of 3.5 cm width and 4.5 cm height. This also applies to your SwissPass picture. Here you can find more information from the federal government.

What is a biometric passport picture?


A biometric passport pictures, as needed for example for the Swiss or European passport, must comply with EU or ICAO requirements. Biometric passport pictures facilitate facial recognition based on the image.

Can I take my passport picture myself?


Passport photos can in principle also be taken by oneself, but there are some things to consider. Since the regulations for passport pictures are quite strict, the chance that the pictures being rejected is greater if they are not professionally done. If you still want to take your passport pictures at home, you can find some tips here:

  • Photograph yourself in front of an evenly white lit background and avoid shadows in the face as well as on the wall.
  • Make sure that the body and face are in a frontal position so that there are no shadows on the face.
  • Generally, you should have a neutral facial expression, but a slight smirk is usually allowed
  • If you wear glasses, make sure that there are no reflections in the lenses (otherwise take the picture without the glasses).
  • Check the consulates page of the country for which you need the passport picture, to find the specific requirements for the picture

What is the right picture format?


The format of your passport picture depends on the country for which you need it. However, generally the following applies:

  • EU & Switzerland: 3.5×4.5 cm
  • UK: 3.4×4.5 cm
  • USA: 5×5 cm
  • Canada: 5×7 cm (muss zwingend in einem Fotostudio aufgenommen werden)
  • India: 5×5 cm

Important information about passport photo requirements can be found on the respective country’a consulate website.

Where can I find the applicable requirements for passport or visa pictures?


If you are unsure about the passport picture requirements of a specific country, we recommend that you consult the official websites of the respective consulate. Usually you will find the relevant information under the headings “Documents”, “Passport” or “Services”.

What are the requirements for a SwissPass ID picture?


Basically, the same requirements apply for the SwissPass as for a normal Swiss passport photo, but in unlike the official passport photo, you are allowed to smile on the SwissPass picture. More information about the requirements of the SBB can be found under this link.

The select Photostudios

Centrally located and close to you

Our photo studios in Bern, Lucerne Zurich and Basel are equipped with professional equipment that allows us to take high quality passport photos. In all our studios passport photos can be taken for any passports and visas and meet the requirements of the relevant authorities. So do not hesitate to book an appointment for passport photos of countries outside the EU and Switzerland. Together with our team of experienced and professional photographers, we will put you in the best light and ensure a comfortable shooting environment, so that you are satisfied with your passport photo. We look forward to welcoming you in our photo studios for passport photos in Bern, Lucerne, Zurich and Basel.