Portrait Photography

We show you how to make good portraits!

Camera, lights and backgrounds. Learn professional tips and tricks for taking better portraits in the studio.

Course details

Course number: SEL-194
Course duration: approx. 3 hours
Course type: Photo studio
Course instructor: Vera Elma Vacek
Number of participants: 4-8 persons
Deadline for registration: in each case up to 3 days before

You have a fascination for human faces and would like to learn how to take professional portraits?

In our studio you will learn from our experienced photographers how to create effects by changing the light and with different backgrounds and how to emphasize the emotions of the model.

You’ll learn that with us:

  • What to pay attention to in portrait photography; light, shadow, perspective, image detail, foreground, background, movement
  • Which camera settings are the right ones
  • Studio setup
  • Work with Model
  • Tips and tricks from a professional

What to bring to the course:

  • Your own camera (SLR or system camera)

Workshops are only possible with prior registration!

Vera Elma Vacek


Fotogene Motive zu erkennen erfordert ein geschultes Auge. Vera Elma Vacek hat schon früh ihr Hobby zum Beruf gemacht und ist als Studioleiterin bei Select für die Weiterbildung der Fotograf*innen verantwortlich.

Sie findet es spannend Sujets aus verschiede- nen Perspektiven abzulichten und Orte zu besuchen, die aus ästhetischer Sicht interes- sant sind. Vera wohnt in Bern und studiert an der Schule für Gestaltung HF Fotografie.